Arno Strobel reads from “Murder Finder – Voice of Fear” (German)

Max Bischoff – The new thriller by Arno Strobel

Max Bischoff, gifted case analyst, investigates his 4th case – the new thriller by No. 1 bestselling author Arno Strobel.


At a funeral, case analyst Max Bischoff suddenly comes face to face with a woman who looks like the love of his life, Jennifer Sommer. But Jennifer has been dead for five years. And Max still blames himself for it. The encounter gives him no peace and he speaks to the stranger. She is just as surprised as he is; there is no connection to Jennifer.

Although Max tries with all his might to let bygones be bygones, he is unable to do so. It’s all there again, the old trauma, the inner demons. Never again will a person die because of him. That’s what he swore to himself. And yet this is exactly what seems to be happening again. Because only a short time later, someone from his entourage disappears. And Max is catapulted back to the cellar where he once found Jennifer and where all help came too late.

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Date: Tuesday, March 5

Time: 19:00 (admission from 18:00)

Price: EUR 17,00 per person

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Mar 05 2024



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