The fresh matjes is back

Matjes time again at last! The “virgin herring” has long been considered a delicacy and delights the taste buds with ideal refinements with wild garlic or sherry. The dish is perfected with tasty potatoes and aromatic herbs. Enjoy the true pleasure of matjes and your taste buds will do a somersault.

Excerpt from the matjes menu

Matjes “Homemade style”

The classic: yoghurt sauce, cucumber, apple and onion salad

Matjes fillet “Swedish”

with pine gel, fennel salad, fine dill sour cream, lemon, pink pepper

Fried herring

Red onions, pickled gherkins and two kinds of mustard

Matjes “Asian”

with wasabi cream, wakame, Japanese pickled cucumber, nori chips and mizuna salad

Matjes sandwich “Brunnenhof”

toasted Gaues bread, dill crème fraiche, pink pepper, side salad

Please choose one of the following side dishes for all dishes:

  • Roast potatoes
  • Parsley potatoes
  • Garlic baguette
  • Side salad


Jun 01 2024


12:00 - 21:30


Restaurant Brunnenhof
Ernst-August-Platz 4, 30159 H.

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