Dinner at the Brunnenhof Hanover


When the sun sets, the Brunnenhof is bathed in the evening light, creating a wonderful ambiance. Rustic and elegant turns to even more rustic and more elegant. In keeping with the expanded home- food concept – which won-over a Michelin-star experienced chef – the dining rooms are stylish and sophisticated, yet have an unmistakable, down-to-earth Brunnenhof signature. In addition to classic dishes such as schnitzel or roast beef, there is now a small, fine dining-inspired speciality menu that invites you to enjoy a journey around the world. At lovingly set tables, you will journey across Lower Saxony, through Germany, into the sumptuous epicentres of France, Italy, Spain and Europe to Asia, out into the whole world and back again.

Upscale yet down-to-earth cuisine with creative inspirations
Guests can look forward to creative dinner menus: a trout marinated in Niemand-Gin with guacamole, pearl onions and cucumbers combines local influences of Hanover’s premium gin with local and South American dishes to form a fantastic meal. The “Spring Meadow” is a regional dish with a Rhine- Hessian/Francophile appeal and is served with Beurre Blanc and a velvety-soft country egg; the rib- eye steak with teriyaki sauce and polenta slices is quite exotic with a touch of “España meets Japan”. The sorbet variation with chocolate crumble is a combination of fruity and sweet, cold and warm – almost a classic already. The menus range from 28.00 to 55.00 euros for three to four courses and are available in addition to the regular Brunnenhof menu.

Events from a private party to a wine workshop
The restaurant offers wines from the house’s well-stocked wine cellar to accompany all dishes. Despite a distinguished focus on domestic vines from German and German-speaking regions, the Brunnenhof has compiled a wonderful assortment from European, Australian and South American regions. Amongst these are classics like Chablis, Bordeaux or Carmanère. For guests who wish to lend their dinner a special something in the form of a private invitation or a business get-together, the Brunnenhof offers wine tastings for small groups. The cherry room next to the restaurant is an ideal retreat for festivities such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries or high-class ladies’ and gentlemen’ regulars’ tables. It has surrounding cherry wood panelling and can accommodate up to 25 people.

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